INSIDERS – CHAPTER 9; Gripping vaccine/virus sci-fi adventure novel in serial form

CHAPTER 9 : Coffee, Biscuits And The Nature Of God Looking out over the Financial District from Mr. Kintsugi’s office at the Hu Foundation HQ, Mercy could see evening lights beginning to wink on beyond the Transamerica Pyramid. She noted too that some of the vehicles coming back to the city across the Oakland Bay … Read more

INSIDERS – CHAPTER 8; Gripping vaccine/virus sci-fi adventure novel in serial form

CHAPTER 8 : Dispatched “Now I remember,” sighed Elfin, stifling a yawn. “You’re not actually very good at that, are you?” Smiddy felt utterly deflated. The experience had been exactly as he remembered it from the first time. The sublimely beautiful Elfin had lain there beneath him doing nothing whatsoever during an interminable fifteen minutes. … Read more

INSIDERS – CHAPTER 7; Gripping vaccine/virus sci-fi adventure novel in serial form

CHAPTER 7 : Rother Names His Poison “How about I call you Kane?” Rother had mulled over several possibilities for naming his parasitical virus, and this was the one that had stuck. “Why, yes,” replied Kane. “Why not?” Although it still worried him, Rother was already becoming more accustomed to the fact that his parasite … Read more


CHAPTER 6 : Cliff Hanger “This view,” Mercy had said, “is just spectacular.” “On a day like this,” Mr. Park had agreed, “it’s hard to beat.” He pointed out towards the seabirds, mostly pelicans, cormorants and gulls, wheeling over Seal Rocks, then gestured further up the coast to the north. “And just up there, if … Read more


INSIDERS CHAPTER 3 : Plastered “It was all a dream,” thought Rother. Startled back from sleep to sudden wakefulness, he had felt a flood of relief surging into his head and chest for all of half a second. “Just a dream.” he said aloud, hoping to convince himself. Almost immediately, however, he caught sight of … Read more


INSIDERS CHAPTER 2 : THAT OLD LUMINOUS LOOK AGAIN “What did we learn before our source was shut down?” Smiddy knew from the chilling tone of Elfin’s voice that she would not brook any prevarication in his response. He thought, as he had often thought before, that hers was probably the most inappropriate name for … Read more