Get Rhythm! Guitar ads of 1934.

I forget precisely when but some years ago I picked up, for a few pennies, a bound collection of editions of Rhythm magazine published between October 1934 and September 1935. In perfect condition, they make for fascinating reading, not least for the naked, unvarnished racism of the magazine’s journalistic content. It’s enlightening to see the … Read more

This Blog’s For Neil Young – kind of

Back in 1988, Neil Young wrote a song called This Note’s For You. He was angered by the extent to which rock and pop musicians were entering into partnerships with major corporations, thus effectively becoming part of their advertising strategies. The song included the lines, “Ain’t singing for Pepsi, Ain’t singing for Coke. I don’t … Read more

No sleep until the KFC Yum Center – the hideous corporatising of rock music venues

Rock music is a business. I understand that. I know that Bob Dylan would never have been able to deliver his revolutionary messages to the youth of the world if he hadn’t been signed to a giant multi-national music conglomerate. (One which I worked for at one point in the 80s) So, I get it. … Read more